Terms of Service (Free)

Our service is completely free. However, if you are using it you have to set the links below in dependence of what you are using. We don't care where or how visible your link is but it has to be set. If we catch you using our service without linking to us, your IP will be permanently banned. Please keep in mind that within 24 Hours every single IP address has a maximum quota of 48 requests. This is the equivalence of 2 requests per Hour and should be more than sufficient given the update rate. If you need more requests or more up to date data, please consider to become a premium member. Last but not least, there is absolutely no legal claim to the availability of our service. As a whole as well as to you personally.

Terms of Service (Live)

First of all: Thank you for your subscription. Our intention is always to provide the best possible effort for you at any time. With that said, we do not give any legal guarantees for the availability of our service nor must we compensate you in a failure thereof. You give up those claims of compensation voluntarily. This includes also every damage made in connection to such an event. The republication or even the resale of our raw data is strictly prohibited. For every started month in violation of this prohibition, you accept to pay a penalty of 1000 (ONETHOUSAND) CHF (SWISS FRANC) as a compensation to us. We also preserve the right to end the business relation with you at any given moment without further explanation or justification. After such an event in connection to a violation, the penalty is still due and a refund of payments already made is strictly ruled out. In addition, you grant us the right to share every information available about you with topic related competitors around the world to prevent further damage.